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SportWarmer dog jacket (grey-orange)


A brilliant between-seasons jacket for active dogs

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SportWarmer dog jacket (grey-orange)


  • Suitable for the following conditions (depending on the dog): 
    • For temperatures between +10 and -5°C
    • For keeping your dog warm, dry and sheltered from wind in cool weather
    • If your dog has thick fur or is not very prone to cold, the jacket may be sufficient even in -10°C or colder, especially if the dog is running free



Why SportWarmer?


  • The SportWarmer is a brilliant between-seasons jacket for active dogs. It’s perfect for rainy and windy autumn and spring weather, but it’s also great for mild winter weather. The SportWarmer has all the excellent qualities of the ProWarmer jacket, including its tried and tested materials, design and measurements, but without the fleece lining.  
  • The jacket is 100% windproof and highly waterproof, breathable, warm, soft and stretchy, made with an innovative multilayer technical fabric originally developed for human extreme and endurance sports whose 10,000 mm water tightness and 11,000 g/m²/24h breathability ratings represent peak performance in dog activewear.
  • The membrane technology in the fabric stops cold air from passing through while letting excessive heat escape from the inside to keep your dog perfectly comfortable. 
  • The cut is designed to offer maximum coverage for muscles while enabling complete freedom of movement.
  • The high collar is versatile: it can be worn up, down or as a hood to protect the dog’s ears and head.
  • The jacket is 100% designed and handmade in Finland.
  •  The SportsK9 SportWarmer dog jacket design is protected, and the jacket has been awarded the Key Flag symbol and the Design from Finland mark as evidence of its Finnish manufacture, design excellence and sustainability.

Designed for active sports dogs


Developed by SportsK9, the SportWarmer shell jacket keeps your dog warm and dry in rainy and windy weather, but it is also highly breathable and allows a full range of movement. This jacket is excellent not only in rainy autumn and spring weather, but also in chilly and damp winter weather.


Made with an innovative technical fabric that employs advanced membrane technology, the jacket enables an active lifestyle in any weather conditions. It will protect your dog from wind, rain and cold, but because the fabric is extremely breathable, it will also keep your dog from overheating. The material feels warm, stretchy and soft. Thanks to its great cut, light fabric and excellent stretch, your dog will hardly notice that it’s wearing a jacket.


The jacket’s design is also perfect for sports: tailored to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes, covering all the big muscles and staying in place even at full speed, while still allowing complete freedom of movement. The soft materials are nice and stretchy, so your dog can move freely. The high multipurpose collar can be worn up to provide protection from rain and wind, folded down to the length of your choice or worn as a hood to keep your dog’s ears covered.


All this makes the jacket exceptionally comfortable for a dog to wear.


The SportWarmer is designed and handmade entirely in Finland. Each jacket is made by hand from start to finish.



If you want to see what SportWarmer users think of the jacket, search Instagram for #SportWarmerJacket. Or use the Finnish hashtag #sporttipalttoo to see how the jacket fits hundreds of Finnish dogs.



The SportK9’s #joyofdogsports® collection has been granted the Design from Finland mark as a sign of Finnish design. The mark indicates Finnish design excellence and user-inspired unique design with quality and sustainability. With durable materials, excellent design and a transparent manufacturing process we have committed to sustainable design and shopping. All our products are also manufactured in Finland.





  • Surface material: highly technical, laboratory-tested Tekseries®
    • 100% windproof in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9237 standard
    • Water tightness greater than or equal to 10,000 mm
    • Breathability 11,000 g/m²/24hrs in accordance with the ASTM E 96 BW standard
  • The jacket is made with Tekseries®, a soft laboratory-tested multilayer fabric with great stretch, 100% windproof and highly water-resistant, cold-resistant and breathable. The material was originally developed as human activewear, designed for long-lasting use in extreme and active sports performed in challenging weather conditions.
  • With 14% elastane, Tekseries® allows complete freedom of movement.
  • The entire jacket features an effective reflective edging that ensures excellent visibility from every direction.
  • The jacket has an adjustable waist, a drawstring hood and flexible leg bands.
  • Fits dogs with all kinds of tails, including upright ones, thanks to the curved design of the base of the tail.
  • The weight of the jacket depends on size. Size 55 cm weighs approximately 330 g.
  • Machine wash (delicate wash at 30°C), but do not use fabric softener or tumble dry.
  • The #JoyOfDogSports logo is embroidered on the left-hand side.
  • Colour: titanium grey with orange accents.


What size will fit my dog?


Choosing the right size


Please note the following when choosing jacket size:


  • The most important measurement is Measurement A, i.e. the back length from the withers to the base of the tail.
  • Another important measurement is Measurement C. In this jacket, it is the chest measurement at about 5 cm behind the dog’s front legs. The size chart states the length of the jacket’s waist belt which is adjustable.
  • Measurement B is especially important in dogs with a heavier build and/or a heavy coat in order to ensure that the neck opening is large enough.
  • When trying the jacket on your dog, it is important to put the leg bands on to ensure that the rear section stays firmly in place and does not push forward when the dog moves.  The fabric stretches about 14% to allow complete freedom of movement.
  • We have drawn up a separate size chart with example breeds showing the sizes that have been tried and tested to fit these breeds. Please note that this chart is only a guideline and that you should always compare your dog’s measurements to the measurements in the size chart below.
  • ASK US FOR HELP! To get the size right the first time and help us protect the environment by only having to send parcels once, please contact our customer service for help in choosing the right size.  Contact us through the chat in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. We reply quickly!


ProWarmer & SportWarmer dog jacket size chart



How to tell when the jacket is the right size

Only when the jacket is the right size for your dog it shows all the best qualities and works as designed.