Privacy Policy

Privacy policy statement in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

This privacy policy applies to any personal data collected when using the SportsK9 service. It does not apply to links to third-party services, such as Facebook or Instagram.


1. Controller


SportsK9/Dogomo Oy

Postal address: Riihimäentie 11, 61500 Isokyrö, Finland

Business ID: 2812633-4

Contact person: Heidi Hendrell

Telephone: +358 45 669 6799


2. Name of the register


The SportsK9 customer register.


3. Purpose of and legal basis for processing personal data


In accordance with the EU GDPR, the legal basis for processing personal data is either the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or the express consent of the data subject.

The purposes of processing personal data are the following:


  • Establishing, cultivating and managing customer relationships
  • Issuing and managing access rights to the SportsK9 service
  • Marketing and selling the products and services of the SportsK9 service
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys and opinion polls
  • Developing and maintaining the SportsK9 service


4. Data content


The data provided by the service user when making a purchase from the online store is stored in the SportsK9 customer register.

Also included in the register are the data that non-registered service users have provided for communication purposes (to receive the newsletter) with their express consent.


  1. Personal data: name and contact information (address, telephone number and email address)
  2. Customer data:
    1. information about orders, purchases and payments, and
    2. identifying information for using the SportsK9 service, such as username and password (for registered users only)
  3. Marketing permission: the consent of the data subject to SportsK9 processing personal data for marketing purposes
  4. Data collected on the use of the service and on the device used by the data subject, such as IP address, operating system, pages visited and duration of visits
  5. Any communication and contact related to the customer relationship through various other channels, such as feedback and complaints


5. Data sources


Data provided by the data subject


  1. The data provided by the customer when registering for the service
  2. The data provided by the customer when making a purchase in the online store
  3. The data provided by the customer when contacting the SportsK9 customer service (via the contact form or feedback form)
  4. The data provided by an unregistered user for communications purposes (newsletter subscription) with the person’s express consent


Other data sources

SportsK9 may also collect behavioural metrics using cookies and similar techniques. The SportsK9 service uses Google Analytics for this purpose.


6. Data disclosure and recipients


Data are only processed for the purposes detailed under section 3 above (“Purpose of and legal basis for processing personal data”).

Data are mainly not disclosed to third parties, except to authorised service providers whose role is to help provide and maintain the service, such as technical maintenance providers, server hosts and payment service providers. SportsK9 has a valid contract with each service provider in which the service provider commits to following the privacy and data protection measures outlined in the GDPR and this privacy policy.


7. Data disclosure outside the EU or the EEA


The SportsK9 customer register’s data are generally not disclosed to third parties or transferred outside the EU or the EEA.

If it is necessary to transfer data outside the EU or the EEA for processing personal data or for the technical execution of the processing of personal data, such transfers fulfil the requirements of the EU GDRP and other data protection legislation.


8. The rights of data subjects


  • Right of access and right to rectification: If data subjects wish to access their personal data or request the rectification of their personal data, they must send a written request to The controller must respond within two weeks, as specified in the EU GDPR. Registered users can view and edit their details in their user account.
  • Right to erasure: Data subjects have the right to request that their user account and thereby also their personal data be deleted. The request must be sent in writing to The controller must respond within two weeks, as specified in the EU GDPR. Data subjects can delete or disable cookies from their browser settings or from Google’s browser extension. Customers who have given their consent to direct marketing have the right to unsubscribe to the newsletter subscription using the link provided in the newsletter.
  • Right to lodge a complaint: If data subjects think that, in the processing of their personal data, their rights as defined in the EU GDPR have been violated, then they have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.


9. Protection


Only employees whose job description allows them to process personal data have access to the register. These employees have individual user accounts and passwords, and the data are only processed in a safe environment. Databases that store customer data have been appropriately protected using technical means. Outsiders cannot access the databases.

Should there be a breach of personal data despite the careful security measures taken, SportsK9 will immediately inform the supervisory authorities and the data subjects whose personal data have been breached.