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This is #JoyOfDogSports - Premium Dog Sports Innovation

SportsK9 premium products with #JoyOfDogSports for dog sports lovers 

Originally a Finnish online platform for dog sports lovers, SportsK9 (SporttiRakki.fi) has helped Finnish handlers improve their training skills and reach their goals faster since 2017. Together with our members, we also design high-quality SportsK9 dog sports products – all 100% designed and handmade in Finland. Already handler favourites in Finland, these premium products are now available throughout Europe from the online SportsK9 store. 


Join us in spreading the joy of dog sports! 


Handmade in Finland

All our #JoyOfDogSports products are 100% handmade in Finland. Our product collection has been granted the Key Flag Symbol (Avainlippu) which can be awarded to a product manufactured in Finland. SportsK9 is a small Finnish business whose mission is to bring joy to dog sports lovers by designing innovative dog sports products. When you buy our products, you also help support small local businesses.

Design from Finland

The SportK9’s #joyofdogsports® collection has been granted the Design from Finland mark as a sign of Finnish design. The mark indicates Finnish design excellence and user-inspired unique design with quality and sustainability. With durable materials, excellent design and a transparent manufacturing process we have committed to sustainable design and shopping. All our products are also manufactured in Finland.

Delivery in as little as four days

We deliver all orders very quickly, either through DHL or your local postal service –and we always ship on the same day as your order! You will receive an SMS or email notification when your parcel is ready to be picked up.

Eco-friendly packaging: No plastic

We use as little packaging material as possible. We don’t use any plastic or individual packaging to pack our products. All products are delivered in a cardboard box or a paper bag that can be reused or recycled.

Help available almost 24/7

You can reach us through our chat almost anytime, but for the fastest replies, contact us between 9 am and 7 pm (+2 GMT). You’ll find the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. We are always happy to help you with any questions, and we like to handle any problems or complaints instantly because we want our products to bring you joy – and nothing but joy. Our customer service is excellent! ``I'm happy to help so if any questions, just chat to us!`` - Heidi, Owner of the SportsK9 Shop

A satisfaction rate of over 99%

Thanks to our premium quality products, helpful product descriptions and videos, readily available customer service chat, fast deliveries and responsible operations, more than 99% of our customers are happy with their products. Our return rate is less than 1%, meaning that our parcels mostly only travel one way in spreading the joy of dog sports. But if you are not happy with your products, you can return them free of charge (excl. non-EU countries).


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